A.C. Milán Method

Designed to help you to become a professional football player


You will be able to train with high level coaches from Milanello Sport Centre (AC Milan Academy), who are working everyday helping kids to improve their skills with the intent to focus on making you a star


All kinds of trainning sessions to fit in with your level. In addition we will supplement it with some technical speeches and other activities in relation to football to help you achieve your best.


Our goalkeepers will enjoy specific training sessions carried out by ex-profesional goalkeepers and coaches with  huge experience.



AC Milan Campus has one of the best staff to carry out these kind of activities. All its members has  huge experience working and helping kids to become professional players. During your time with us, your workout and behaviour will be evaluated to get a proper reference of you. If you are chosen by one of our head coaches, you will get a trial in Italy with AC Milan Academy.

Our planning


Our training sessions will fit with your level and age. You will have the chance to be trained by professional football coaches, who will work to help you improve your basic skills, tactical skills and the way to approach a game.

You will share your time with other players of your same age and from other teams who have the same dreams as you.

You will experience the lifestyle of a professional player. You will eat with your teammates, rest in a hotel like them and you will follow behaviours and rules inside a professional team. It will make you feel like a professional football player for a week.

Specific trainings for Goalkeepers

We know that goalkeepers work is an essential task in a football team. For this reason, all our goalkeepers will make a specific training in order to get the highest international level.

AC Milan Campus will give you the advantage of improving many different aspects of the game such as block, switch, high ball, along the floor, positions and drops. In addition we will complete your training by giving you some advices on how become a professional goalkeeper.

Our head coaches will be there watching your perfomance while your are training and maybe, you will be given a chance in Italy.